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Limited Six (6) Months Warranty



We guarantee our workmanship and materials for a period of 6 months from the installation date.

If you project include vinyl, aluminum, or some other manufactured product, these materials are often covered by the manufacturers.


What Is Covered.

Our warranty covers movement of settling within the first six (6) months. During the installation we take every measure to endure posts are at the proper dept and fences are installed to international standards. It is not uncommon with recently installed fence that the disturbed soil around the new fence and post can settle, especially in wet areas or primarily clay soil conditions.

We guarantee the proper functions of gates and gate hardware, with proper use, within the first six (6) months. This includes sagging of gates, defects in the hardware and proper hardware functions.


What Is Not Covered.

 It is important to remember that a fence is a outdoor structure, and some areas have harsh environment. Our materials will change with exposure to the elements, this include aging (or weathering), discoloration or fading and dimensional changes (shrinkage or swelling) or any act of God. For our wood products we use primarily treated lumber which are bought locally. Wood material will also shrink and swell due to the moisture and extreme temperature difference. A fence is very different from finish carpentry that is inside your house.

Other items that are excluded in our warranty include damage to fence that is caused by vandalism, vehicle damage, climbing, storms or tree damage, swinging on gates or other misuse of gates or gate hardware. Gates that are left opened can slam shut causing latches to break or bend and hinges to come out of alignment. Gate hardware is meant to work properly under controlled conditions; this does not include forceful opening or shutting by an individual.

If you have any questions regarding your fence or fence installation, please do not hesitate to contact us at (876)-757-8530 or, and we will be happy to help.

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